• New Log and Timber Construction

    Our handcrafted log and timber homes are built to the highest quality standards. At Stonehouse Woodworks we offer all aspects of log work including:

    • Full scribe, saddle notch log house construction
    • Dovetail log house construction
    • Log home restoration
    • Hybrid log and frame house construction
    • Log stairs and log railings
    • Timber frame accents
    • Chinking

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  • Antique Log and Reclaimed Timber

    Though the majority of the homes we build at Stonehouse Woodworks are constructed using newly harvested logs and freshly milled timbers, we do offer a variety of exciting building options using reclaimed heritage logs and timbers:

    • Log home restoration and log repair
    • Reclaimed log buildings
    • Antique timber frames
    • Accent pieces using historic wood
    • Feature post and beam work

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  • Timber Tent: Hybrid Cabin and Tent

    The Timber Tent is a distinctive combination of a stunning timberframe cabin with a traditional canvas tent covering over the walls and the roof.

    The Timber Tent is built with western red cedar and is handcrafted to maintain an authentic cabin feel including dovetail corners and scalloped knee brace detailing.

    The canvas tent compliments the structure by promoting a light, airy tent impression.

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  • Littlefoot Log Homes

    Stonehouse Woodworks offers a line of small, fully completed log cabins shipped in one piece to your unique destination. Littlefoot log homes are ideal for:

    • Studios
    • Guest houses
    • Homes in hard to reach places
    • Eco-homes

    Littlefoot log homes have both a small physical and a small environmental footprint.

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  • Log Home Restoration & Chinking

    At Stonehouse Woodworks, we have the skills and the experience to perform any log restoration work that may be required on your existing log house.

    We offer log house chinking services for both newly built log houses as well as older buildings.

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  • Stairs & Railings

    Stair and railing packages are on option with all of Stonehouse Woodworks' log shells. We also build custom stairs and custom railings to suite existing homes of any style.

    Every one of our staircases is a unique creation and we enjoy working with our clients in the design stage to ensure that the finished product is the right set of stairs for a particular space.

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  • Custom Woodwork & Finishing

    Stonehouse Woodworks owner, Dave Stonehouse, enjoys working closely with clients to create custom, well built pieces that not only fulfill a need but add beauty to any room.

    His woodwork and finishing include furniture, cabinetry, trim work and custom doors.

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At Stonehouse Woodworks, located in beautiful Golden, British Columbia, we build custom log homes. Traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail are central to each of our log buildings. Stonehouse Woodworks can build your log home dream whether it is a small log cabin in the woods or a majestic log house on a resort property. We enjoy working in close contact with our clients from the design stage through to the completion of the project.

The owner of Stonehouse Woodworks, Dave Stonehouse, is a trained professional in the restoration and preservation of antique log and timber buildings. Dave has diverse experience and tremendous knowledge in disassembling and salvaging heritage structures. Stonehouse Woodworks is also a source for reclaimed wood. For more information, please visit our Antique Log and Timber page under the services menu.