Heritage Log Homes: Antique Log and Timber Buildings

Stonehouse Woodworks located in Golden BC is committed to preserving historic log buildings through log home restoration. We recognize that heritage timber frame structures and antique log houses are integral to our Nation’s past and worthy of restoring and recycling.

Dave Stonehouse, the owner of Stonehouse Woodworks, is specifically trained in log home restoration and the preservation of antique log houses and timber frame buildings. His skillful knowledge of log construction and extensive experience in documenting and disassembling heritage structures is vital to precise log home restoration.

Hand hewn logs were shaped with a traditional broad axe, and tight dovetail corners were fitted with only a hand saw and chisel. Hand cut, mortise and tenon timber frame joints were held together with hand carved pegs. These antique log structures come from an era when the builders possessed skills that are almost forgotten today.

Stonehouse Woodworks is dedicated to preserving this craft and these beautiful, historic buildings.

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