Custom Log Homes: Full Scribe Saddle Notch Construction

Stonehouse Woodworks in Golden BC offers custom log homes using full scribe saddle notch construction, also known as chinkless round log construction. Full scribe saddle notch construction has become one of the most popular styles of modern handcrafted log homes using premium round logs and hand peeled logs. The saddle notch takes its name from the saddle like shape that is cut on the top of each log before the log above is scribed and tightly fit into place. The saddle notch is an important innovation in the history of log building as it allows the buildings’ corner notches to remain tight as the logs dry and shrink in size over time.

At Stonehouse Woodworks, we build our full scribe log homes using the “over scribing” method to ensure that both the saddle notches and the lateral belly grooves remain tight as the logs dry and settle. We use a system of foam gaskets and insulation that is accurately positioned and hidden between each course of logs to ensure that the walls remain tight and well insulated. Every log that we build with is hand peeled using a traditional drawknife.