Custom Log Homes: Dovetail Log Construction

Stonehouse Woodworks of Golden BC offers outstanding custom dovetail log homes. Our handcrafted dovetail log homes are built using traditional techniques and premium Douglas fir logs. Dovetail log construction takes its name from the shape of the interlocking corner notches. Typically our dovetail log buildings are built in the traditional style with a band of chinking between each building log.

The dovetail notch is recognized for its classic form but also known for its locking strength and efficiency of design. Though the Dovetail is a very old log building technique, at Stonehouse Woodworks we have seen the popularity of our dovetail buildings growing significantly over recent years and we have become a premiere Dovetail log specialist in Western North America. Our logs are sawn on two sides: interior and exterior. Each notch is laid out and hand cut so that the chinking is uniform.

Sometimes referred to as square log homes, the large faces of the flatted logs expose the beautiful grain of the wood and combined with the alternating bands of chinking this creates a stunning image. We offer the log faces in several finishes: bandsawn rustic, planed smooth, torched & brushed or authentic broad axed face.