Stonehouse Woodworks: Log House Plans

Stonehouse Woodworks located in Golden, British Columbia is pleased to work with RCM cad design, a design firm specializing in producing log house plans. RCM cad design draws custom log and timber house plans while working closely with the client to ensure that every detail is precise. They also boast a vast collection of pre-drawn log home plans. Some of Stonehouse Woodworks’ favorites are featured below.

To look at many more log house plans please visit their website: If you would like a quote for the log work of any plan you see on the RCM web site, please contact Stonehouse Woodworks with the plan name.


Area: 470 sq ft

Size: 16′ x 20′

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Area: 980 sq ft

Size: 20′ x 30′

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Area: 1496 sq ft

Size: 26′ x 36′

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Area: 1999 sq ft

Size: 28′ x 45′

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Area: 2300 sq ft

Size: 40′ x 40′

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Area: 3012 sq ft

Size: 36′ x 59′

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