Stonehouse Woodworks: New Custom Log Homes

Stonehouse Woodworks of Golden, BC integrates modern technique and traditional craftsmanship to build stunning, quality custom log homes. Our handcrafted log and timber homes are built at our log building site in Golden, BC, with exceptional quality standards. We build a diverse range of custom log houses using different styles of log construction: full scribe saddle notch construction using hand peeled premium round logs, dovetail construction using flatted or squared logs, and hybrid or post and beam log construction. We enjoy working in close contact with an immense variety of clients to build our custom log homes; striking resort log houses, elegant lakefront log homes, and cozy log cabins tucked in the woods.

Golden, British Columbia is an ideal location to source top quality buildings logs. Stonehouse Woodworks buys locally harvested logs and we work closely with woodlot owners to ensure that we select only premium building logs for our houses. Every log that we build with is hand peeled using a traditional drawknife.

Saddle Notch Custom Log Homes

At Stonehouse Woodworks we build beautiful, custom log homes in Golden, BC.

Full scribe, saddle notch construction is the most common style of handcrafted log house.

Dovetail Custom Log Homes

Stunning dovetail log homes have become one of Stonehouse Woodworks’ signature products.

Our handcrafted dovetail log homes are built using traditional techniques and premium Douglas Fir logs.

Post and Beam Custom Log Homes

Stonehouse Woodworks builds hybrid log homes and post and beam log homes.

The combination of feature log work and conventional framing lends itself to unique and modern log house designs.