Custom Log Homes: Post and Beam Log Construction

Stonehouse Woodworks builds hybrid log homes and post and beam log homes. The combination of feature log work and conventional framing lends itself to unique log home designs for modern log houses. Hybrid log and frame construction mixes several rounds of logs with a mid section of stud framing and then capped with additional log rounds. It provides the opportunity to mix colour and varying textures with the logs to create a log wall with a contemporary feel. The log rounds contained in the hybrid walls can be either round log or flatted dovetail. The framed section of the wall allows many options for cabinetry and wall hangings.

While it is not quite a traditional log building design the hybrid log house does simplify some aspects of the building process. The framed wall section allows for standard window and cabinetry installation. It also provides a convenient belt to simplify the running of plumbing and electrical around the building.

The hybrid design allows you to have feature log accents while still maintaining an open, airy and modern feel. The hybrid option also offers the homeowner the option of investing less money into the log component of the house.

Post and Beam Log Homes fit into the hybrid category. Post and beam construction, as its name implies, utilizes a series of vertical log posts to carry the horizontal support beams above. This style of construction features less log work than the more traditional styles of log home but allows the logs that are used to stand out as feature log columns. The open spaces between the vertical posts and below the horizontal beams are typically in filled with conventional framing. This would be considered the most modern take on log building. Post and beam could be directly compared to timber frame construction only using round logs instead of square timber.