3 Week – Full Scribe, Saddle Notch Log Building Course $2700

April 29 – May 17, 2019: $2700

Full scribe saddle notch construction has become one of the most popular styles of modern, handcrafted log building. Also known as chinkless, round log construction, the saddle notch is an important innovation in the history of log building; it allows the buildings’ corner notches to remain tight as the logs dry and shrink in size over time.

Join us in Golden, British Columbia at the BC School of Log Building for this extended round log building course where you will learn the techniques and knowledge necessary to build your own full scribe log house, or prepare for employment in the exciting log house building industry.

Course Content


Course Content

This course will cover the following through a hands-on approach, while working on a full scale log cabin:

  • Tools of the trade talk
  • Safe log building techniques
  • Chainsaw skills development for the log builder
  • What makes a good building log
  • Log house design
  • Log selection
  • Log peeling and preparation
  • Log scribing (using the over scribing technique)
  • Cutting saddles
  • Notching and cutting the belly groove
  • Laying out and preparing the first round
  • Door and window openings
  • Insulating the logs
  • Installing loft beams
  • Leveling the top round
  • Laying out and preparing ridge pole and purlins
  • Insulating the logs

2019 Course

Spring: April 29- May 17, 2019 (Monday to Friday)
Fall: to be determined, 2019 (Monday to Friday)

Course Price: $2700


If you are interested in attending this course, but do not see one that suits your schedule, please contact us and we’ll add you to our “future student” list.

Learning Alternatives
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Learning Alternatives

For maximum learning outcomes, we recommend taking the most comprehensive course that your schedule will allow.

However if you are unable to attend the 3 week Full Scribe course than you may want to consider our 1 Week – Introduction to Full Scribe, Saddle Notch Log Building Course

Course Info & Sign-Up

Course Information & Sign-Up

For more course information including what to bring, required tool list, course location and directions, as well as accommodation recommendations, please visit our Course Information page.

Course Price: $2700