3 Day (Fri Sat Sun) – Introduction to Dovetail Log Building Course $600

Dovetail log construction takes its name from the shape of the interlocking corner notches. The dovetail notch is recognized for its classic form but also known for its locking strength and efficiency of design. Though the Dovetail is a very old log building technique it is still very much alive at the BC School of Log Building because it is still a very practical and efficient way to build beautiful, enduring houses. Through years of dovetail experience we have developed an effective and efficient 10 step process to laying out and cutting dovetailed logs. This process results in a tighter, more aesthetically pleasing log shell than can be attained using any one of the available dovetail jigs. We believe it is important to learn the layout techniques and mechanics behind each individual notch to truly master the art of dovetailing.

In this shorter, introductory course we will focus the majority of our time on the essential technique of dovetail log building: the dovetail notch itself.

Join us to learn the essential skills necessary to efficiently and safely layout and cut a dovetail notch on any sized timber.

Course Content


Course Content

This course will cover the following through a hands-on approach, while working on a small dovetail log building:

  • Tools of the trade talk
  • Safe log building techniques
  • Chainsaw skills development for the log builder
  • Preparing timber for a dovetail log house.
  • Timber surfacing options
  • Laying out a traditional, half dovetail notch
  • Shaping the notch using our efficient and repeatable cutting techniques
  • Laying out and preparing the first round
  • Door and window openings
  • Pegging and shimming the logs for lateral and shear stability.

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Sorry, we are not offering this course this in 2019.


If you are interested in attending this course, but do not see one that suits your schedule, please contact us and we’ll add you to our “future student” list.

Learning Alternatives


Learning Alternatives

For a more comprehensive course that deals with all aspects of the completed dovetail log shell, please consider our 2 week – Dovetail Log Building Course.

This longer course is ideal for anyone who wants to build their own dovetail log house or prepare for employment in the log building industry.

Course Info & Sign-Up

Course Information & Sign-Up

For more course information including what to bring, required tool list, course location and directions, as well as accommodation recommendations, please visit our Course Information page.

Course Price: $600