Dovetail Log Cabin for sale – 17′, 4″ X 20′ *SOLD*

Jun 24, 2019 For Sale


For sale: 17′, 4″ X 20′ Dovetail log shell.

  • $33000.00
  • huge Douglas Fir up to 12″x 24″
  • 7′ tall sidewalls
  • vaulted ceiling give a spacious 12′ peak height
  • includes log walls, framed gables with matching exterior siding, and a huge ridge beam
  • rafters for the roof are pre cut and included in the price

This beautiful dovetail log cabin is built with the largest dovetail logs that we’ve worked with to date! It is designed to have a traditional trappers’ cabin style. Please contact us for more information and with any questions.

huge dovetail logs