Heritage Timberframe for Sale

Mar 20, 2018 For Sale

Heritage Timberframe for Sale

Price: $75,000 depending on final design.

Incredible antique timber frame for sale. This hand hewn barn frame would make an amazing house or cabin.It could also be used as a feature section of a larger commercial or residential project.

Imported from Ontario this hand hewn white pine frame was originally a barn built in the 1870s.

Massive timbers, 12×12 posts, 10×12 (and bigger) beams. It is a nice medium sized barn frame that is well suited for use in a unique high end house.

Frame will be up to 36×45 upon restoration, depending on final design. 13′ tall side walls.

Mortise and tenon construction with hand carved pegs.

This frame includes the original overhead wagon lifters that would make a very unique feature in the foyer or great room of the house.

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